Gray Wolf Media LLC

My experience:

First and foremost, I am, and have been for many years an avid reader. I have an eye for those extra spaces, repeated words and incorrect words.

I have worked as an administrative assistant for 14 years. Proofing emails, letters, etc. are part of my daily routine.

For the past 9 years, I have been a published author writing steamy paranormal romance.

Proofreading– Is a final read through of your manuscript after editing and before your manuscript goes to print. I do not do copy or, line editing.

I will require a 12 page sample of the work to be edited before I agree to do the proofreading.

I use track changes via Microsoft word while I read through your work. After that, I will also use ProWritingAid to scan for any further issues. I require all manuscripts sent to me via word.

Pricing– $0.005 per word.

For new clients half will be invoiced via PayPal before the project is started and then the balance will be invoiced once the project is complete and returned to you.

I am currently only accepting romance manuscripts.

Turnaround time will depend on my schedule and the length of your manuscript. We can discuss this at the time of your booking.